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the material symbol of a kiss

Le 1 septembre 2016, 10:04 dans Humeurs 0

In the end then, her beauty was all that never failed her. She had never seen beauty like her own. What it meant ethically or aesthetically faded before the gorgeous concreteness of her pink-and-white feet, the clean perfectness of her body, and the baby mouth that was like.

She would be twenty-nine in February. As the long night waned she grew supremely conscious that she and beauty were going to make use of these next three months. At first she was not sure for what, but the problem resolved itself gradually into the old lure of the screen. She was in earnest now. No material want could have moved her as this fear moved her. No matter for Anthony, Anthony the poor in spirit, the weak and broken man with bloodshot eyes, for whom she still had moments of tenderness. No matter. She would be twenty-nine in February--a hundred days, so many days; she would go to Bloeckman to-morrow.

With the decision came relief. It cheered her that in some manner the illusion of beauty could be sustained, or preserved perhaps in celluloid after the reality had vanished. Well--to-morrow.

The next day she felt weak and ill. She tried to go out, and saved herself from collapse only by clinging to a mail box near the front door. The Martinique elevator boy helped her up-stairs, and she waited on the bed for Anthony's return without energy to unhook her brassiere.

For five days she was down with influenza, which, just as the month turned the corner into winter, ripened into double pneumonia. In the feverish perambulations of her mind she prowled through a house of bleak unlighted rooms hunting for her mother. All she wanted was to be a little girl, to be efficiently taken care of by some yielding yet superior power, stupider and steadier than herself. It seemed that the only lover she had ever wanted was a lover in a dream.

I miss lonely miss with your dream

Le 8 mars 2016, 03:22 dans Humeurs 0

1, walk, passing, finally miss, and so on a sunny late, past all the time back,


Again hovered in the lush years, leaving a nice shirt unbuttoned heart, bear the loneliness slowly, not to think about how fast time, just to regret this encounter.


2, said, youth is a bright sadness, perhaps that time, and then read Love's picture,


We just duckweed it, Red landscape has seen through, leaving the steady, it is pondering ......


3, like a person quietly listening to the rain, listening for the gentle and delicate notes enlivened windowsill. Also coincides with a rainy season,


I will light before leaning out of windows, watching the rain submerged basin in daisy alone sentimental.


4, I just hope to have a personal talk with me, or look at the rain is enough.


But looking ahead, alone in the rain for a long time silent, cold and desolate melancholy, and yet do not want to hurry away.


5, rainy night never seemed very depressed, rain at night is particularly monotonous, I can not find any of it against the background of the scene to,


Like the vicissitudes of the elderly alone erhu, sad heavy and sad. And I? Accompanied by autumn, listening to the rain, Shuisi sleep ......


6, in a lonely night, there is a lonely city, chu with a lonely house, lived a lonely figure,


Dancing lonely pen, loneliness outline text, simply because it was lonely.